Woman feeding a puppy, featured products KMR® | Esbilac®

PetAg® Nutritional Products: The Smart Choice for Every Stage of an Animal's Life.

KMR® | Esbilac® - The first step to raising healthy kittens and puppies.

To grow up and stay healthy and strong, animals need nutrition specially formulated just for them. Esbilac® (puppies), KMR® (kittens) and PetLac® (puppies/kittens) are the undisputed choices of pet professionals.

For weaning animals, Esbilac® and KMR® 2nd Step™ allow easy transition from milk to solids. For mature dogs and cats, DogSure® and CatSure® nutritional supplements provide essential vitamins and nutrients. And for other species, PetAg® is the smart choice for young animals, including Foal-Lac® for equine and Zoologic® Milk Matrix for wild and zoo animals.

A Guide to Saving Little Lives

Emergency Care for Puppies and Kittens

Looking for assistance caring for an orphaned animal?

Download A Guide to Saving Little Lives. Our guide covers:

  • Baby animals need special care
  • Which products to use
  • Making the baby feel at home
    • The Temperature is Important and Should Be Checked at the Level of the Animal
    • A Heated Environment Will Require Added Moisture
    • Determine the Correct Feeding Level
    • Amounts to Feed
    • Using a Nurser Bottle
    • Positioning the Animal for Feeding
    • After Feeding
    • When to Use PetAg’s Bene-Bac® Pet Gel
    • Look, He's Growing!
    • After Lapping Has Been Learned
    • Making the Transition to Solid Food
  • Need Additional Food?