Where To Buy

Thank you for your interest in our high-quality pet products! We are no longer selling directly from the new Pet-Ag website. However, all of our brands are available for purchase at fine pet supply retailers near you and online at the retailers linked below. Please note that we cannot guarantee retailers that carry our products currently have them in stock. Please call beforehand to confirm.

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Jeffers Pet

Fawn-LacTM  Deer Milk Replacer is available through:

Jeffers(800) 533-3377
Lambert Vet Supply(800) 344-6337
PBS Animal Health Catalog/Website(800) 321-0235
RJ Matthews Company(800) 578-9234
UPCO (ask for Danny Heckel or Kyle Evans) (800) 254-8726
Whitetail Supplies
(573) 693-1466

Zoologic® Milk Matrix Products are available through:

Agro Servicios, Inc. (787) 756-8181
Amazon Fulfillment Services, Inc. (866) 216-1072
Chris’s Squirrels and More, LLC (860) 749-1129
Henry Schein (614) 761-9095
Interior Landscape Design (205) 664-0775
Jeffers Vet Supply (800) JEFFERS
MWI Veterinary Supply (800) 824-3703
Patterson Management, L.P. (800) 777-3526
United Pharmacal Co, Inc. (800) 254-8726