Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

At Pet-Ag, Inc., we are committed to our customers—the distributors, retailers, and resellers that help satisfy pet owners’ needs and deliver high-quality and valuable products to every animal, every day. To protect our brands and the integrity of our authorized distribution channels, Pet-Ag has implemented an Authorized Seller Program.

Authorized Distributor Policy

Authorized Reseller Policy

Authorized Retailer Policy

Pet-Ag’s Brand Standards

Minimum Advertised Price Policy

MAP Price List

In marketing the Products on the Authorized Websites, Seller shall only use images of Products either supplied by or authorized by Pet-Ag and shall keep all Product images and descriptions up to date. All questions and image approvals should be directed to brandsupport@petag.com.

Any questions about distribution of Pet-Ag products or questions related to Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy, enforcement, MAP holidays, or MAP related concerns should be submitted in writing and directed to Pet-Ag’s MAP Policy Administrator at brandcontrol@petag.com. Pet-Ag will not accept any other form of communication from Resellers regarding Pet-Ag’s Policies.