Fresh 'n Clean® Deshedding Pre-Wash - Tropical Breeze Scent (15:1 Concentrate)

Deshedding Pre-Wash helps release loose coat before bathing to reduce blow-out time. This scientific formulation works by providing a lower pH, sealing and smoothing the cuticle of the coat for less drag. Great for medium or long coats or those with curly haired coats when applied before shampooing to help with comb-through and mats and tangles. Fragrance lasts up to 2 weeks. 

  • Makes 16 gallons.
  • Soap free! Improved formula.
  • Releases loose coat before bathing.
  • Reduces blow-out time after bathing.
  • Scent lasts up to 2 weeks.

Available in the following sizes:

1 gal. - Tropical Breeze Scent

Dilution Directions:
Pour 1 cup (8 fl. oz.) of product into a 1 gallon container and fill with water. Makes 16 gallons.

Directions for Use:
Wet dog thoroughly. Pour diluted deshedding pre-wash along dog's back. Work deshedding pre-wash into coat. Add more if needed. Comb through entire coat of dog, concentrating on dense undercoat areas such as the back or rear legs, around neck and behind ears. Rinse thoroughly before applying shampoo. For mats and tangles: Apply deshedding pre-wash full strength to mat or tangle. Work in briskly with fingers. Comb through problem area. Rinse thoroughly before applying shampoo.

Purified water, conditioning agents (cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, stearalkonium chloride, cetrimonium chloride), detangler (polyquaternium), soothing agents (vitamin E, aloe barbadensis leaf juice), pH adjuster (sodium hydroxide), fragrance, coloring agent, polysorbate, preservative.