Fresh ’n Clean® Pro-Groom® Canine Coat Conditioner

Fresh ’n Clean Pro-Groom Canine Coat Conditioner is a handy aerosol spray formula that contains lanolin to keep skin and coat soft while preventing mats and tangles. Protein strengthens, repairs and builds body in the coat, giving it a healthy luster and sheen. Allows for easy combing and brushing during grooming.  

  • Lanolin lubricates skin and coat for easy comb through.
  • Lanolin gives coats luster and sheen.
  • Protein-infused to strengthen and repair coats.

Available in the following sizes:

12.5 oz. - Aerosol Spray

Hold can upright approximately 12 inches from dog. Spray from head toward tail in an even, sweeping motion. Spray mats and tangled areas until moist. Brush or comb spray into the coat approximately 15 minutes after application.

Alcohol solvent, conditioner (lanolin oil), anti-static (silicon), fragrance, collagen, moisturizers, disinfectant, propellant.