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Dyne® High Calorie Liquid Nutritional Supplement for Horses & Ponies

Dyne® provides extra calories for working, performance and sporting horses.

Available in sizes: 32 oz. 1 gal.

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Product Information

Directions for Feeding: Please see the following guide for specific feeding instructions for each animal. Shake well. Apply over top or mix into grain or feed ration. Start with one-half (½) of the recommended amount and increase to full amount over a period of 10 days to avoid digestive upset. Lower the amount fed according to the horse’s or pony’s or miniature horse’s improving condition. Clean, free-choice water should be available at all times.

3 tsp (15mL) = 1 tbs (15mL)
2 tbs (30mL) = 1 ounce (30mL)

Horses and Ponies: Feed amount twice daily.
Full size horses: Up to 4.5 fluid oz (9 tbs)
Ponies: Up to 2 fluid oz (4 tbs)
Miniature horses: Up to 1 fluid oz (2 tbs)

Warning: Do not feed to cats.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

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