Nurser Bottle and Nipple Safety

Nurser Bottle and Nipple Safety

The Pet-Ag Nursing kit and nursers are designed for bottle-feeding animals up to 6 weeks old who are orphaned or whose mothers are unable to nurse them. When you buy or receive your nurser/nursing kit, please follow these steps:

  1. Wash your bottles and nipples with warm water and mild soap prior to using. If you have the kit, use the bristle brush to clean the inside of the bottle. Rinse thoroughly.

2. Make sure you cut the nipple prior to feeding. Our nipples do NOT come pre-cut. This allows you to customize the size of the opening to the animal you are feeding. You can make a simple crosscut with small scissors or use a needle to puncture the nipple from the inside, creating a hole. Check the flow of the formula after creating an opening – the formula should drip but not free-flow when turned upside down. For more details and instructions, please visit for a video on how to properly cut our nurser nipples.

3. Do NOT microwave the bottle to warm up the formula. Instead, microwave water in a microwave-safe dish and place the bottle with formula in the warm water. The water should not be boiling as that could damage the bottle.

4. Inspect the nipples after each feeding. Only bottle-feed animals up to 6 weeks of age. As animals grow, their teeth start developing and it is important to make sure the nipple is not being chewed on during feeding, creating punctures and slits. If the nipple has any punctures, discard it and use a new nipple.

5. Wash the bottles and nipples with warm water and mild soap after each use. The nursing kit includes a brush to easily clean the bottle. Rinse thoroughly.