Digestive Health

Promoting digestive health with vet-recommended probiotics and enzymes: Bene-Bac Plus®, Petivia® & Prozyme®

Promoting digestive health with vet-recommended supplements from PetAg®. Probiotics provide concentrated sources of naturally occurring, beneficial digestive tract microorganisms. Bene-Bac® Plus is especially recommended for pets whose digestion has been stressed by adverse conditions, such as traveling, boarding, worming and surgery.

Petivia® premium probiotics for dogs & cats are recommended as a daily supplement to provide beneficial bacteria and yeast to help balance the digestive tract and support a healthy immune system. Enzymes help unlock nutrition by assisting with the break down of the valuable nutrients in food.

Prozyme® delivers plant-based enzymes to support healthy digestive systems for dogs and cats. It also works together with our probiotics to promote overall digestive health.