Fresh ’n Clean® Daily Grooming Spray - Classic Fresh Scent

Fresh ’n Clean Daily Grooming Spray is a convenient, tearless, no-rinse option of our “Signature” Scent, perfect for spot-cleaning on pets between baths or trips to the groomer. Protein-infused formula helps strengthen and repair the coat, while vitamin E and aloe support healthy skin and coat. Ready-to-use formula, just spray on and wipe off. Fresh ’n Clean is safe for use with spot-on flea & tick treatments.

  • Cleans and freshens between baths.
  • Can be used as a no-rinse shampoo.
  • Moisturizes with vitamin E and aloe.
  • Protein-infused to strengthen and repair coats.
  • Safe for use with spot-on flea and tick treatments.

Available in the following sizes:

16 oz. - Classic Fresh Scent

Do not wet the pet with water. Spray on dry coat. Work into pet's coat. Towel the coat dry. Re-treat stubborn mats and soiled areas making sure problem areas are saturated with spray. When completely dry, comb or brush the coat to remove loosened dirt.

Purified water, naturally derived gentle conditioners (sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl glycoside, cocamidopropyl betaine), surfactant (polysorbate), soothing agents (aloe vera, Vitamin E), fragrance, colorants, microbiostat preservative, other preservatives.