Fresh ’n Clean® 2-N-1 Long Coat Shampoo + Conditioner - Tropical Fresh Scent

Moisturizes and helps release mats and tangles. For a luxuriously soft and shiny coat.  

  • Developed specifically for dogs with silky to coarse long coats.
  • Thinner formulation penetrates into thick coats and reaches the skin.
  • Collagen strengthens the hair to help prevent breakage.
  • Vitamins nurture the skin to help retain undercoat and reduce shedding.

Available in the following sizes:

18 oz. - Tropical Fresh Scent

Wet coat with warm water. Pour shampoo and conditioner along dog's back. Work into coat, add more if needed. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if needed.

Purified water, naturally derived cleansers (sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine), naturally derived conditioning agents (benzalkonium chloride), humectants and emollients (glycerin, lanolin, Vitamin B5), natural pH adjuster, soothing agents (oat extract, Aloe vera, Vitamin E, Rooibos tea extract), skin and coat rebuilder (amino silk protein, plant based collagen), deodorizer (baking soda) pearlescent agents (glycol distearate, laureth-4, cocamidopropyl betaine), polysorbate, preservatives, citric acid, sodium chloride, fragrance, colorants.