White-tailed doe with fawn, featured product ZooLogic® Milk Matrix

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Scientifically formulated for species-specific nutrition. ZooLogic®

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From orphaned squirrels to bunnies to Siberian tiger cubs and Polar bear cubs — whatever the breed or species, we make the milk replacers and nutritional supplements to nourish them and help them grow up healthy and strong.

Fawn-LacTM Deer Milk Replacer is available through:

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Formulated for white-tailed deer fawns and other deer species, Fawn-Lac™ closely matches the composition of mother’s milk. It provides complete balanced nutrition plus prebiotics, probiotics, and essential vitamins and minerals for proper development.

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Zoos, exotic animal parks and animal rescue organizations rely on Zoologic® Milk Matrix for nourishing young wild animals.

Zoologic is an integrated system of five milk replacers designed to be used alone or blended with other components in the Matrix family to formulate a milk replacer with nutrient levels that closely match virtually any mammal species' natural milk.