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Storage Tips for Milk Replacers (VIDEO)

Milk replacers provide the next generation of puppies and kittens with the critical nutrition they need to get a healthy start. But improper handling or storage can lead to illness or even death. Ensure your puppies and kittens receive the full benefits of next-generation nutrition from PetAg milk replacement products by following these storage tips.

  • When heating formula, do not allow it to boil. This will destroy the proteins.
  • Do not reheat and refrigerate the same batch of formula multiple times. This gives bacteria an opportunity to grow and could cause diarrhea. Instead, store the formula in one container and use a separate bottle for feeding.
  • Refrigerate any opened formula, even if it’s dry powder.
  • Before feeding milk replacer to a puppy or kitten, check the expiration date and make sure the milk doesn’t smell rancid or have clumps.
  • Do not use any formula past the stated expiration date.

How to know if milk has gone rancid

The nutrition, dissolvability, and chemical structure of milk replacers can be compromised by improper shipping and handling or storage. While PetAg takes precise measures to ensure that product leaving the facility is good, there is always the possibility that product may become compromised in transit, delivery, storage, or on a retail store shelf. For this reason, the expiration or best-by date is not always an indicator as to whether the milk replacer should be used. Here are some tips for identifying when a milk replacer has gone rancid:

  • The milk or powder has a sour or unpleasant smell.
  • The milk or powder has formed clumps or appears yellow in color.
  • The powder is not mixing easily or as expected.
  • The formula appears to separate after mixing.
  • The kittens or puppies have diarrhea and are not being overfed.
  • The formula has been exposed to excessive heat/or humidity for an extended period of time (over 70 degrees Fahrenheit and over 60% humidity).
  • The kittens or puppies suddenly become unwilling to nurse.

If you have questions or concerns about any of our products, contact PetAg consumer support at 1-800-323-0877. We take all inquiries seriously and will conduct a thorough investigation. Please provide the product, lot number, and date code found on the bottom or side of the container for PetAg to conduct the necessary investigation.

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