Bathed dog in a towel, featured products Fresh 'n Clean® gallon formulas for groomers.

A Fresh 'n Clean® Dog Means Happy Customers.

Longest lasting fragrance available. Lasts up to two weeks.

Trusted formulas

Fresh ’n Clean® is the #1 groomer-preferred brand of grooming products. Our trusted formulas; exclusive, long-lasting scent technology; and comprehensive grooming product selection deliver the finest grooming service for dogs and the happiest experience for their owners. Exclusive grooming products supplier of the Animal Behavior College.

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Deshedding Pre-wash
  • Reduces loose coat before bathing
  • Seals follicle for easy pre-wash combing
  • Reduces blow-out time
  • Reduces after-bath shedding


  • Cleans skin & coat
  • Soothes skin with Vitamin E and Aloe
  • Strengthens & protects coat with protein
  • Rebalances moisture in skin & coat
  • Specialty formulas: Itch Relief, Dry Skin, Odor Control, Flea & Tick, Whitening, Tearless


  • Replaces essential oils & softens skin
  • Strengthens hair & adds luster
  • Helps eliminate mats & tangles
  • Helps repair damaged hair


Crème Rinse
  • Seals & protects hair shaft
  • Yields softer, smoother, shinier coat
  • Helps repel dirt & grime
  • Frees mats & tangles

What’s one thing that keeps customers coming back?

What’s one thing that keeps customers coming back?

Consumer research has shown that the long-lasting scent of a freshly groomed dog is one of the primary markers of customer satisfaction with the grooming service. Fresh ’n Clean® grooming products have the industry’s longest-lasting scent technology, with fragrances that last up to two full weeks.

What really makes a shampoo professional?

What really makes a shampoo professional?

Formulation. Safety. Ease of use. Results. More dog groomers choose Fresh ’n Clean® products than any other brand, because we offer:

  • Extended-release fragrances that last up to two weeks.  
  • Targeted formulations for every dog, breed and need. 
  • Soothing ingredients, fortifying proteins and hydrating moisturizers. 
  • pH-balanced, soap-free formulas free of residue-causing chemicals.

Why are the new concentrated formulas 15:1?

Why are the new concentrated formulas 15:1?

Fresh ’n Clean® professional grooming shampoos are packed as a 15:1 concentrate in a one-gallon size to provide all the results groomers demand plus the long-lasting fragrance the Fresh ’n Clean® brand is famous for. The 15:1 concentrate allows groomers the opportunity to produce 15 gallons of grooming product out of one gallon of concentrate.