Tips For Having A Happy and Safe Holiday With Your Pets

The holidays are a great time to sit back and relax with your animals.

Now that the Christmas holiday is just a little under a week away, many people are finding themselves rushing around, trying to put together last minute decorations and gifts for this festive night. And while it can be a lot of fun to deck your halls with boughs of holly and spread tinsel across the tree, it is important that you are keeping your pets safety in mind during your holiday decorating.

When it comes to bright, shining lights, fancy ribbons and bows, and a kitchen full of great-smelling holiday food, our pets can be just as curious and noisy as a child peeking into their Christmas gifts. Luckily, many of the dangers that may arise this holiday weekend for your pets can be avoided simply by using some advance planning and smart decorating.

Here are just a few holiday pet safety tips that will help keep your furry friends out of trouble over the holiday season and give you a relaxed peace of mind as you celebrate with your loved ones.

Consider Your Pets While Decorating

When many people think of Christmas, they picture a bright, shining tree filled with ornaments and lights, or hanging a stocking filled with lots of yummy goodies over your mantle. While all of these decorations help to make the holiday season bright, they also have the potential to harm our pets if not executed correctly. Anything that is within reach of your pets paws, head or tail should be removed to prevent danger―for instance, put tree decorations up high, stack presents on a side table and skip the bows and tinsel.

Be Mindful Of Outfits

There are many different festive outfits out there for dogs and cats who need a little Christmas spirit. Whether you are hoping to dress up  your dog as Santa or your cat as a Reindeer, be sure that you are absolutely sure that your pet doesn’t mind wearing clothing. You should never put a pet in a costume unless they are completely welcome to the idea. Also, make sure that the costume does not restrict any movement or breathing.

Say No To Holiday Dinner Scraps

It’s hard to resist your pets big, begging eyes when they are wishing for their very own dinner plate on Christmas Eve. However, it’s important to remember (and to remind your guests) that holiday feasts can consist of many fatty foods that are not good for your pet. Some of these foods can not only cause stomach irritation, but could also cause potential health hazards if you are not careful with the foods that you are handing out.

Also, while it is common knowledge that dogs love their holiday bones, bones that have been cooked are dangerous for dogs, as they can become very brittle and may break apart when ingested.

The holidays are a great time to take a break from the hectic demands of work and school, and spend some quality time with the people in your life who you truly care about. Make sure that both you and your furry friends enjoy a happy and safe holiday weekend from all of us here at PetAg.


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