The Benefits Of Pet Milk Replacers For Newborn Animals

Helpful facts and safety information about using pet milk replacers.

When we as humans are first brought into the world, there are certain things that we require in order to grow up strong, healthy and happy. These things could be as simple as the touch and interaction of our family, to other essential items such as milk and warmth. And, while these items may not seem like such an important part of an infant’s life, they actually make a large impact on our overall health and well being in our first few years.

When it comes to newborn animals, many of these same essential items are just as necessary in order to ensure a healthy, happy  pet. Important nutrients that come from things such as milk not only provide an essential amount of vitamins and nutrients needed for a growing young animal, but also provides the necessary fluid that newly born mammals need to survive.

However, while milk is important to have around with new litters and newborns, it is not always readily available to those animals who need it. Sometimes newborn dogs or cats are unable to get enough nutrition from their mothers, or the supply of milk is inadequate. Or, in other situations, a mother may not even be around to provide milk for the newborns. In this case, essential items such as milk replacers become essential for the health and survival of orphaned animals.

To give you a better idea of the many benefits of pet milk replacers, as well as to help educate you on the safety information of this helpful food source, we have gathered some basic facts and information to help you learn more about pet milk replacers.

The Benefits of Milk Replacers

Milk replacers are a simple way to keep newborn animals healthy in their first few months of life. However, there are several different types of pet milk replacers to choose from that are made of up different ingredients and nutritional quality. Most come in either a liquid or in a powder format, and are formulated to provide a caloric pattern similar to mother’s milk in protein, fat and carbohydrates.

PetAg’s Esbilac Powder is the number one selling animal milk replacer on the market. It is recommended as a complete food source for orphaned or rejected puppies, or for those who are nursing but need supplemental feeding. Esbilac powder is easy to digest, highly palatable and supplies the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to ensure proper development and growth.

The Proper Use of Milk Replacers

Using milk replacers successfully requires following the directions on the label and observing proper hygiene. A milk replacer that is not mixed correctly, fed to the animal inappropriately, given to the incorrect species, or is defective in some way may cause the animal to become seriously ill. Milk replacer products, therefore, should not be mixed with any ingredients other than those included in the label instructions for reconstitution.

Before feeding a milk replacer, check the expiration date and make sure it does not smell rancid, or have an unexpected or uncharacteristic odor or texture. If the product does not look, smell, or mix as expected, it is probably best to not use the product and to contact the manufacturer, even if it is before the expiration, use by, or best by date.

For more information about PetAg’s beneficial Esbilac Pet Milk Replacer Powder, be sure to contact us today to ensure that your newborn animal has a healthy, happy first few years of life.


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