Spotlight on a Healthy Pet: Pumpkin Puddy

Meet Pumpkin from Adventures of a Suburban Kitty

To bring awareness to National Pet Obesity Awareness Day on October 12th, we decided to feature five healthy pets (and their fun & funky blogs)! We interviewed the PETS so have getting to know them and their personalities and be sure to ‘like’ their pictures at the top of our Facebook page!


  • The funniest thing I’ve seen my owner do is get down on her hands and knees and crawl around with us.
  • The object in my house that I like best is… hard to pick. I love my cat tree to nap in, I love to hide in my little pirate ship, and I love my favorite fetch ball.
  • I love my stroller and every chance I get to go out in it. See my cat stroller in my picture on the PetAg Facebook page!
  • The best food I’ve ever tasted was chicken. Every once in a while mom lets us have some of her chicken. That’s the best.

My favorite human is my Mom! She takes really good care of us and spoils us rotten. Well, not too rotten. MOL

If I were a human, my career would be a soccer player. I love to play ball and kick it around the house.

The PetAg product that is on my wishlist this year is… the treats. What kitty doesn’t love cat treats. And I’ve never had catfish treats. That sounds interesting.

I love to go out in my stroller or in my Kritter Kondo in the summertime.

I would go out for a sushi dinner. Hey, I’m a cat. I like fish!

MY CAT BLOG WORLD: Adventures of a Suburban Kitty
My mom doesn’t have her own blog. I’m the one that does the blogging. I think this is my favorite post: The Official Relaunch of My Blog. I worked really hard to move the blog, learned lots of new stuff, and it’s about a new beginning. And I had cool drawing.

What can I say about Mom. I think she’s the best. She works furry hard to make sure we have a nice place to live and to help me with my blog. She’s a bit of a softie, too. She knew I was lonely when she was at work so she went to a shelter to get me a fursib. She wound up bringing home a bonded pair of kittens cuz she didn’t want to split them up. She likes to do outdoor stuff so she goes to parks a lot. She takes me along if it’s not a long drive (I’m not thrilled with car rides).

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