Pet Profile: Everything You Need To Know About Rabbits

Understanding the basic care and keeping of pet rabbits.

It is no question that one of the biggest reasons why people love pets so much is because they are loyal, they are loving and, let’s be honest, they’re just so gosh darn adorable! Whether they are curled up next to you while you’re sleeping, chewing on one of their favorite toys, or simply exploring their new environment, it is easy to understand why we adore these fluffy, lovable creatures so much.

One pet whose adorableness and charm is just too irresistible to ignore is the rabbit. With one simple twitch of their little nose, hop of their fluffy feet, or touch of their soft fur, you will feel obligated to take them home and make them a new part of your family.

However, while rabbits are easy to fall in love with, many people do not understand just how much keeping and care goes into being the owner of one of these small pets. Just because they live in a cage and mainly reside indoors does not make them any less work than a dog or a cat. In fact, between finding the right type of food, cleaning out the cage, and keeping them happy and healthy, they may be even more work.

Therefore, before you head out to the pet store to bring a new rabbit friend into your home, it is important to understand the basic facts about rabbits and what to expect from them as a pet.


When your rabbit isn’t running around and exploring your home, they should be kept in a large, spacious cage. However, it is still important that you place the cage in a room where the rabbit will have plenty of interaction with you and your family members, as rabbits love social interaction. Rabbits are also very good at learning how to be litter trained, therefore you should buy a small pet litter pan to be placed inside of their cage.


Just like with a cat or dog, it is extremely important that you get  your rabbit fixed when they are between the ages of three and six months. Not only will this stop the risk of breeding, but it also helps to calm their hormones and prevent them from leaving territorial markings (spraying the area with urine).


Rabbits are different from other household pets in that they do not eat food out of a can or a bag. Instead, they enjoy hay, fresh pellets and plenty of helpings of fresh vegetables. Some of their favorites include carrots, kale, alfalfa and endive. You may also want to consider purchasing a nutritional supplement specifically made for rabbits such as Energel Small Animal. This will help to ensure that your furry friend gets the essential vitamins and minerals that they need to stay healthy.


Rabbits love to explore and play around inside of your home. However, it is important to note that they also have a destructive side. Therefore, it is important to “bunny-proof” your home of any exposed electrical wires and cords. Also, rabbits are natural chewers, so it is important to provide them with suitable chewing toys so that they do not destroy their cage or their surroundings.

Just like with any pet, it is important to do a proper amount of research before you invest your time, money and commitment to a new animal. While rabbits make excellent pets that love to cuddle, they require a lot of upkeep and love. As long as you care for them properly and give them lots of attention, they will be sure to do the same in return.


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