KMR and Esbilac Milk Replacer Safety, Handling and Mixing Instructions

As part of PetAg’s education campaign, we are providing information outlining the benefits and changes to the new formula and new product safety instructions. For additional recommendations on safely handling Milk Replacement Products, see the FDA Recommendations.

What Changes Will You See and Smell in the New Formula of KMR and Esbilac?

The differences in the new formula are noticeable and might raise concern if you are a long time user of the previous formulas, but please know that these differences are perfectly safe and these products will still provide the best alternative to mother’s milk. Some of the key differences are mentioned below:

  • Color: The color of our new products appears different due to the processing advancements and the form of ingredients used. It has more of a cream-color tint than previous productions.
  • Texture: The new process produces a flatter particle, while the former one tended to produce a particle that was more rounded. This results in a difference in appearance that is more granular than in the past.
  • Note: Please be assured that these differences in texture and color do not affect the nutritional quality of the products. In fact, they are the result of making these powders better.
  • Odor: Reflecting the more gentle nature of this advanced processing, the powder produced using this new approach will have a faint milky aroma. The previous powders have, in comparison, a more neutral odor. This can be noticed in both the powders and the reconstituted milk replacers.
  • Density: As is typical, the density of our powders is measured by volume. The products have been engineered to have similar powder densities to the old method of production. Densities are laboratory tested by using a “tapped density” to measure a given volume.
  • Labels: Look for labels soon that reflect the known egg allergen, troublesome to some puppy breeds, has been eliminated with our new process. Fresh, unsalted butter has been added in place of processed cream powder. Also note the replacement of whey protein concentrate with:
    • Additional dried skim milk (non-fat dry milk), which contains the components of whey.
    • Casein (the “gold standard” for protein efficiency).
  • Safety Testing: Recent additional safety testing of the PetAg dry milk formula products and the manufacturing processes has been concluded. As expected, the products are completely safe.

How to Store KMR and Esbilac Safely

POWDERED MILK REPLACERS MUST BE STORED IN A COOL, DRY ENVIRONMENT. One of the biggest benefits our powdered products is that they are made with all natural fresh protein and fat ingredients. However, this also means that care must be taken when storing the product or it will spoil just like a gallon of milk at home. Once a container has been opened, it is to be stored in a refrigerated environment. Only in this way can quality be maintained.

How to Know KMR and Esbilac Were Stored Correctly and Are Fresh

Properly stored PetAg powders have a faint, milky aroma or odor. Opening and distributing the powder contents into several individual packages is strictly discouraged. This exposes the powders, which are packed in a controlled and sanitary environment, to unsanitary conditions. Refrigeration of the open powder might not be assured.

It is unlikely that a user of these powders will experience an unsuitable container of PetAg products. However, should a can be opened and found to have a smell of old olive oil or cooking oil, the product may have become rancid from improper handling and storage. Powder in this condition should not be fed to baby animals. Should this be determined, please call the PetAg Technical Service telephone line noted below for a prompt product replacement.

How To Mix KMR and Esbilac to Ensure Freshness

New formula must be mixed with room temperature water. If water is too hot, new milk replacer formula will form clumps and not mix well. To get the enhanced nutrition provided in the new formula, the powders require slightly more mixing than in the past. They may exhibit a degree of settling and if left standing, will need to be stirred again before using.

If you should find small lumps in the Esbilac or KMR powders after it is reconstituted with water, pour it into a small strainer and use a spoon to press it through or mix it through the strainer.

Be careful to not mix other ingredients into the KMR and Esbilac, or the product might become unstable and mixed product storage life might be limited.

What Makes The New KMR and Esbilac Milk Replacer Formula the Best Choice for Your Pet’s Health?

The new formula is designed to achieve the maximum nourishment for your pets, while ensuring ease of use for their human companions. The recently reformulated KMR and Esbilac milk replacement products have the following changes:

  • The formulas are encapsulated using the latest applicable human infant food technologies;
  • The formulas use a homogenized, uniform, small particle delivery system to assure ideal nutrient assimilation;
  • Fat, vitamins, and minerals are encapsulated in a thin shell of protein to naturally reduce oxidative degradation, enhancing product quality and stability over the entire shelf life of each formula;
  • Nutritional quality is improved by eliminating multiple processing steps that denature proteins;
  • The formulas are made using only food-grade ingredients manufactured under strict FDA human food regulations (not feed grade ingredients processed in a feed plant);
  • PetAg has the only powdered milk replacers that are pasteurized to provide an additional level of safety. As a result, independent certified laboratories have determined that the microbiological plate count for Esbilac and KMR are as much as 10 times lower than competitive products; and
  • PetAg’s all-natural formulations closely match pet mother’s milk and have no artificial or chemical preservatives or stabilizers, which can have adverse nutritional impacts on baby animals.
  • This improved powder process provides much greater stability and protection against heat stress of these all natural powders, such as might occur in transit and storage.

Your Pet’s Care and Safety is Our Number One Concern!

Should you have any questions or concerns about the safety of your product or if you feel that it might have reached or surpassed its “best by” date, we urge you to contact us at 1-800-323-0877 as soon as possible so that we may replace this for you.