Ask the Vet

“Should my dog’s nose be cold or warm?” Find out your pet-related questions, go ahead. Ask.


What do you need to know that we haven’t answered? Likely, you’ll find it here in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Find a Physical Retailer

Where can you find PetAg products closest to you? Find a store location near you.

Find an Online Retailer

Why drive when you can go online to find your favorite PetAg products and treats. Find them here.

Frequent Buyer Program

We’ve created the Breeders Club that offers a frequent buyer program that makes you eligible for free products and more.

Orphan Care Instructions

It’s always scary—and exciting—to find and care for an orphaned animal. Start here for step-by-step instructions and our “Guide to Saving Little Lives.”

Choose the Best Chews

Don’t give your pet just any rawhide chew. They could be unhealthy and dangerous. Our patented approach ensures a natural rawhide chew your pets will love.

Find a wildlife Rehabilitator

Did you find a wild animal and you’re not sure what to do? A wildlife rehabilitator may be able to help.

Mixing Instructions

It just feels better to have more information than just what’s on a can or bottle. Use the detailed mixing instructions here to give your pets exactly what they need for maximum health and taste.

Pet Health

A healthy pet is a happy pet. So how do you keep your pet healthy and happy? Start here.

FDA Recommendations for Proper Mixing and Storage

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration provides excellent recommendations for the proper mixing and storing of many pet products, including milk replacers. It’s critical to adhere to these recommendations.